As someone who struggles with dark circles, i love a full coverage concealer and this concealer is that. I love how beautiful it looks under the eyes and how flawless it blends into the skin. I also have to applaud too faced for not only the beautiful design of this bottle but the amount of product they gave us, no concealer I own has this much product and I don’t see myself finishing this bottle anytime soon. This concealer is perfect for the makeup lovers who loves a full coverage concealer that doesn’t look nor feel cakey. I also love the big applicator, one dip and it’s enough because it’s annoying to be constantly dipping in the bottle to get the desired amount of concealer you need to get the job done. This is officially one of my top 3 favorite concealers.



This powder is the best powder I’ve ever used to set my foundation, it leaves my face looking smooth, poreless and flawless. I also love how it smells like peaches and that it’s mattifying. If you are looking for a great powder to set your base or entire face after applying your cream products, this powder is it. I’ve used other powders to set my base but none compares to this one and I love how smooth it also feels. Whether you use a brush or beauty sponge, you still get a flawless look using this powder, I say this because with some powders you get two different finishes when you use a beauty sponge or brush. Every since I started using this powder I stopped using every other powder I own, this is just amazing and gives me the flawless look I love.