If you need a setting spray that actually control oils you need this in your life. This is not a new product, it’s been around for years but I recently started using it and just wanted to share my experience with it. I was searching for a primer or setting spray that will control how oily my t-zone gets sometimes and this did the job. Sometimes I spray it on before I apply my foundation as a primer because I love it that much and it’s that good. I also love how flawless it makes my makeup look after I use it to set my face. This is an amazing setting spray and a makeup lover must have.


My favourite foundation and concealer brand. Nars is one of my all time favourite brand, I love their formula and the quality of their products. The soft matte complete coverage concealer is my favourite concealer for life, I love that its matte and that it does conceal. The all day luminous foundation I don’t wear by itself, I usually mix it with a thicker foundation because its really watery but I love the formula of it. The deep throat blush is one of my favourite blush, its beautiful and pigmented and really I bought it just because of the name hehe. The creamy radiant concealer is also great, I don’t use it as often as the soft matte concealer but its just as amazing. The virtual domination palette I don’t use often either but its a great palette especially to travel with since it has 4 blushes and a bronzer. The sheer glow foundation is my favourite foundation for life, not only does it gives great coverage and a flawless finish, it also has skin benefits, a foundation with skin benefits, what more does a girl need lol, sometimes I mix it with my Estee Lauder double wear foundation but whether mixed or by itself, this foundation is one of the best on the market. Nars will forever be one of my favourite brands an I hope one day I get to meet to the founder and created. I recommend these products to all makeup lovers, of course nars has a big line of makeup and skincare products, some I haven’t tried yet, but definitely will be purchasing and trying because I simple love this brand.



If you want that airbrush look in real life you need this powder. This is my favourite powder to set my concealer and foundation, I love how smooth and flawless it makes my face looks and that it sets my foundation so it last all day plus it sets my concealer so it doesn’t crease. Mac is one of my favourite makeup brands and one of the best so I expected nothing less than quality from them. This loose powder is a makeup addict must have, in my opinion I think its the best powder for setting your cream products. I use mostly medium dark but sometimes I use dark. I recommend this powder to all makeup lovers.




This is the best primer I have ever used, this primer is everything I needed and more. It mattifies, smoothes and makes my foundation looks flawless. I’ve been searching for a great primer that actually stops my t-zone from getting too oily and this does just that. I’ve been seeing this online every time I’m shopping for makeup and was ignoring me, but since Estee Lauder double wear foundation is one of my favourite foundation, I decided to purchase this and try it and I am so glad I did. I have found my ride or die primer, Estee Lauder is a very luxurious high end brand so I am not surprised at all that this primer is so amazing. I don’t think I will ever be using or purchasing another primer, this primer does exactly what I need so I will forever be using it. This is really a perfecting primer because whenever I apply my foundation over this, my face looks flawless an I haven’t even set it yet. If you are searching for a great primer, I recommend this one. I also love that it doesn’t feel oily, its not thick and it blends easily into the skin and it also doesn’t have a weird scent like some primers I’ve tried.

PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish


I found out about these eye polishes from watching beauty gurus on youtube and I’m so glad I did. These eye polishes glam up any look, I love how beautiful they are and they last all day. I use them as a part of my everyday makeup routine because I don’t usually do too much for my everyday makeup look and these give my look a little glam. There are a few shades in this line but I currently own two, the silk and satin ones, I love them both and would recommend them to every makeup lover.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation


I thought Estee Lauder double wear foundation was the best foundation I’ve ever used but this foundation changed my mind. Not only is this foundation beautiful, it also has skin benefits and last all day. Ever since I got it I haven’t been using any other foundation, love how it looks & feels on my skin. I can honestly say this is the only foundation I will forever be using. If you haven’t tried it I recommend you do its amazing. I use shade Cadiz.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Sun Dipped

  Price: 49.90€

I was hesitant to purchase this glow kit but i am very happy i decided to. This is the best highlighter i have ever used, its looks amazing on the skin and not too beaming. Bronzed and summer are my most favourite shades but i love mixing summer with moonstone. This has become my every day highlighter, every since i got it i pushed all my other highlighers to the side lol. This is the perfect summer highlighter but i sure will be using it in fall and winter. I also love that you get your money’s worth, i don’t think i will ever hit pan but i just might since i can’t stop using it lol. I recommend it to all make-up lovers, its a great item to add to your collection and a great everyday glow for your face.