My favourite foundation and concealer brand. Nars is one of my all time favourite brand, I love their formula and the quality of their products. The soft matte complete coverage concealer is my favourite concealer for life, I love that its matte and that it does conceal. The all day luminous foundation I don’t wear by itself, I usually mix it with a thicker foundation because its really watery but I love the formula of it. The deep throat blush is one of my favourite blush, its beautiful and pigmented and really I bought it just because of the name hehe. The creamy radiant concealer is also great, I don’t use it as often as the soft matte concealer but its just as amazing. The virtual domination palette I don’t use often either but its a great palette especially to travel with since it has 4 blushes and a bronzer. The sheer glow foundation is my favourite foundation for life, not only does it gives great coverage and a flawless finish, it also has skin benefits, a foundation with skin benefits, what more does a girl need lol, sometimes I mix it with my Estee Lauder double wear foundation but whether mixed or by itself, this foundation is one of the best on the market. Nars will forever be one of my favourite brands an I hope one day I get to meet to the founder and created. I recommend these products to all makeup lovers, of course nars has a big line of makeup and skincare products, some I haven’t tried yet, but definitely will be purchasing and trying because I simple love this brand.


The summer foundation you need. This foundation is perfect for everyday, it’s lightweight but gives great coverage and last all day, when I say all day I mean it does not move girl so it doesn’t matter how hectic your day is, how many errands you have to run, this foundation will still look beautiful at the end of your day. I would choose this foundation over any of my high end foundations because it’s that great, I love it so much and recommend it to everyone. I think its perfect for summertime because of it’s pros but of course you can wear it all year round. I can’t find it in my shade here where I live in Germany, which is sad but anytime I travel and see it, I make sure to stack up. If you don’t own this foundation or you’ve never tried it, go get it girl you will not regret it. My shade it soft sable/111.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

I bought this foundation thinking it could replace my l’oreal infallible pro matte foundation and the first time I used it, I actually thought it could but I started breaking out and found out this was what was causing it. Usually before I buy any beauty products I always do a thorough research and most people said this foundation is great but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Its lightweight with good coverage so I was loving it for this time of year but I had to stop using it. I was really hoping that this foundation could be my summer foundation but guess I’ll just have to find another one.

So because it broke me out I can’t recommend this foundation but I will say when it comes to makeup it’s all about trial and error so what doesn’t work for me may work for you.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation


I thought Estee Lauder double wear foundation was the best foundation I’ve ever used but this foundation changed my mind. Not only is this foundation beautiful, it also has skin benefits and last all day. Ever since I got it I haven’t been using any other foundation, love how it looks & feels on my skin. I can honestly say this is the only foundation I will forever be using. If you haven’t tried it I recommend you do its amazing. I use shade Cadiz.