Pinky and mauve nudes are my favourite nude lipsticks to rock because they go with any eye look. These four are my favourite and the ones I rock daily. From left to right: makeup geek plush matte (Marriage Material), NYX lip lingerie (Exotic & Push-Up), Milani Amore Matte (Precious). I love the formula of these four lipsticks and that they last all day long, when I eat they hardly move and they are even kiss proved lol. These are also all drugstore affordable lipsticks which goes to show you don’t have to spend big bucks to get great quality lipsticks. If you’ve never tried any of these I recommend you do because they are amazing lipsticks that looks and feels great on the lips.



This is officially my favourite drugstore concealer, this concealer gives great coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy and it does not move. Take it from someone who actually needs coverage underneath the eyes, this concealer gives me the coverage I need. I have been using it religiously ever since I discovered it, I reach for it over all my high end concealers because I just love how it looks and that it does conceal my dark circles. However I will say that it’s a bit oily so if you have oily skin I don’t know if it’s for you, but maybe you can just use a little and set it really good with a great powder and it may work for you. I personally have normal skin so I have no problems with it but I always set it, I also noticed that if you take too long to set it, it will crease on you so I set it immediately as I blend it out. This is one of the best concealers I’ve ever used and I recommend it to all makeup lovers especially those who suffer from dark circles like myself. I switch between two shades, golden and tan.